Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Construction started

Meeting with PM went well. Although I was really disappointed to know that there will be manhole right in the middle of my driveway. No one told me about that before when we chose the lot. PM said that they cannot do anything now.

PM also described that over the range exhaust is internal only. I assumed that this exhaust is always external and not even touch my mind when we selected the options. During the meeting with PM our sales lady told me that I didn't selected that option & then realised that it wasn't even in the options list. Anyways we wanted to have this so they finally agreed to add that option with extra $600+$250 change order fee!!!

It was also a surprise that they will not grade till my backyard property line as it was shown to me when we selected the lot and signed the purchase agreement. Ryan Homes!! Also, even though everything was done, they said that they will start digging after 2 weeks. I am concerned about the September 17th completion date.

So finally construction started. In past week they have done digging, footings were done. I noticed lots of cracks on the footings.

Is this a concern? I would appreciate any comments on this from experts out there...

I called the PM & left vm but he never returned the call. Very next day they poured the concrete for the basement walls. That was fast. I like that.

Here are some pics...

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